Managing Expenses During the Coronavirus Crisis

First and foremost… it’s time for a giant collective exhale. We hope that you, your family and your studio community are all healthy and safe.

The last few weeks have been non-stop as we all try to do our part to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus AND figure out new ways of working. For most studio business owners this means that we’ve had to bring our businesses completely online in a matter of days… a process that usually takes months… or even years.

But the wellness community is strong… and resilient. And we love seeing fitness business owners creating and expanding in new and different ways. Your ingenuity, your commitment to your team, the way you leading your community and your strength and perseverance is truly unparalleled.

One topic that’s been on all studio owners’ mind is how do I continue to be profitable as we weather this storm. 

When times get tough it’s common to focus on your revenues – after...

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Leading Your Fitness Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Whoa!  To say the last week has been a complete whirlwind is a complete understatement.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had a wide range of emotions as you try to understand the severity of our current Covid-19 outbreak and crisis. 

Just like you, our primary responsibility is to keep ourselves, our families, our clients, our team and our entire community as safe as possible. 

And secondly, we are working to maintain the long-term viability of our business.

Yes – we do have business systems and for that we are very grateful as these exact systems are helping us weather these challenging times.

BUT – systems can only get us so far and we are having to channel the mindset of a studio owner and leader as we navigate the days and weeks ahead.

Suffice it to say, it is not easy to stay upbeat and remain the face of the business (as we are sure you can relate). BUT, we know that we as owners are called to do this amidst these challenging...

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4 Tips To Juggling Parenthood & Business Ownership


We often jokingly say that “Empower is our baby.” That was until we both had actual babies that needed not only our love, care and attention but also for us to be physically present so we could be active participants in their  childhood.

In our early days of business ownership we were working 15-hour days which meant we literally had time for no – thing else.

Then, in true Jessica and Ronda fashion, our lives took a very parallel path when Jessica’s daughter Emery was born in August 2010, and Ronda’s daughter Kendall was born just 6 months later in Feb. 2011.

Thankfully by the time our girls were born we were primed and ready with solid systems in our business so we were both able to step away and spend some time with our new and growing families. 

Since then, our main objective has been how do we continue to nourish and grow our business AND be the mothers we want to be.

Here are 4 tips to successfully juggle both your role as a parent and...

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5 Steps to Building a World Class Team


It’s a fact that the fitness industry is notorious for high employee turnover- an unfortunate opportunity cost that can be both financially draining and emotionally exhausting. So, how do you attract top talent and foster long-term staff loyalty so your business can run on auto-pilot?

Step 1 – Build a team culture

The very first step is creating a collaborative, team-oriented culture where all members feel like their thoughts and contributions matter. Building a team culture takes time and your culture is ultimately an extension of your core values as the owner. 

You must first define your core values, your vision and your mission and then teach it to your team members. Ultimately, they will help you carry this vision forward so it is extremely important that you work every day to instill your values in your team. You can do this by sharing your vision regularly and making sure your team is aligned and on the same page. If and when problems do arise or you notice...

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Best Use of Time for a Wellness Studio Business Owner


You have heard the adage that you should work more ON your business and less IN your business, but what does that really mean?

Of course, as business owners our “to do” list is a mile long and there are truly never enough hours in the day. So why do so many studio owners continue to fill their schedules with clients and never officially step into the higher-level tasks that fall in the working ON your business category?

Before we get started, we have to share a bit of training about this concept that we learned from one of our friends and colleagues, Ashley Selman, owner of Evolution Trainers and Thrive Studio Coaching.

Ashley teaches about this concept of $15/$100/$1500 per hour tasks, and she encourages studio owners to lean into their highest value/highest return tasks as much as possible – hence the $1500/hour tasks.

Let’s break this concept apart a little.

$15/hour Tasks

What are the $15/hour tasks? These are any tasks that can be completed by...

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What Does It Mean To Be the CEO of Your Business?

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2020

Ok so you’ve done all the hard work of getting your business up and running. You came up with the business concept, you found the location, you secured the finances, you opened the doors and you are helping clients reach their goals.

But why is your team not doing what they should do? And why are clients so hard to manage sometimes?

Well it may just be that you haven’t quite stepped into your leadership role yet.

No worries – we’ve been there too, and it’s something that many of us forget when we are grinding it out day in and day out.

In order for your business to fully function and thrive you must start thinking, acting and leading like the CEO of your business.

The first step to stepping into your CEO role is to develop a strong business culture – one that is an extension of your personal values. This work takes time and reflection, and it’s usually a complete departure from your ‘go, go, go see clients all the time routine.’


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Why Is It Important to Have Clarity of Vision?


Don't miss this amazing FREE resource! Get it here...



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What is a Signature Offer?

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2019

Today we’re jumping back in to another marketing topic  - what is a signature offer and why must you have one?
Before we even get started, you must remember the goal of marketing - to bring your ideal clients through your door and convert them to clients.

A signature offer is simply something of value or something intriguing that allows your prospective client to take action and book a session with you.

At this stage of the marketing game you must put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and think about what beliefs, objections, hurdles they must overcome before they get started.

Because we are in the wellness industry many times prospective clients are battling an internal dialogue that can be quite hard to break through. Things like.. “I have to get in shape before I call a professional,” “everyone there is already in shape, and I won’t fit in,” “I don’t want to get someone who is going to push me too hard,”…. And...

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How Do I Work More ON My Business?


We hear from so many wellness entrepreneurs about how they would like to take a step back and spend more time working ON their businesses and less time working IN their businesses.

Of course just as soon as they say that, fear bubbles straight up to the surface.. They start thinking… "Oh my goodness, I'm training clients, or I'm working with people one on one, and I know that I'm bringing money in… what will happen if I take a step back?”

It is possible to gradually step away from working so much in your business and shift your focus to more strategic goals, but you must be smart about how you do it.

First take a look at your all-around pricing. How are you pricing your services? What kind of fees are you setting? Are you actually demanding what you're worth?

Examine your own thoughts about money and make sure you are leading with a “worth it” mindset. Remember that you are offering a tremendous value to your clients – a gift of health and wellness...

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5 Ways to Love Your Life (& Business)

As a business owner it can feel like your work is never really done. Your business, your clients, your team is always on your mind - so much so that sometimes you forget to stop and take stock in all the other important aspects of your life and if you are even HAPPY. If you are anything like us you not only started our business because you were passionate about helping people, but also because you wanted to create a lifestyle for yourself and your family that allowed you to truly enjoy this one precious life you have to live.

So today we are pondering this question: how do we learn to embrace the journey of our lives (inside and outside of our business) and find gratitude and joy in the day to day? 

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Embrace Joy – Imagine this… you had a good day. Maybe something amazing happened or maybe your day was simply absent of thrills. Essentially the day went your way – you...

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