Developing a Growth Mindset - 6 Characteristics

In the wake of the pandemic there seems to be a major reshaping of how we work happening right before our eyes. Businesses have closed, business owners are being forced to go in a different direction and many fitness pros are reeling trying to figure out their next move. It’s abundantly clear that we are not going back to “normal” anytime soon. 

As an entrepreneur you already know it takes grit and determination to bring your vision to life, but how do you make it through challenging times such as these?

 Develop an Opportunity-Focused Mindset

We believe your #1 tool is to adopt an opportunity-focused mindset or a growth mindset.

According to Carol Dweck, psychologist and researcher, “in a growth mindset, people believe their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work…This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” 

Individuals with an opportunity-focused mindset tend to be more resilient, have a greater sense of purpose, and excel in their endeavors.

 6 Characteristics of an Opportunity-Focused Mindset

1. Take Initiative – Facing challenges head on with the understanding that you can learn something from every experience will help you develop an opportunity-focused mindset.

Action Item – what challenge are you currently facing? How can you reframe the problem? Is there an opportunity to provide a different solution than the one you are currently considering? Where can you take initiative and re-chart your course?

 2. Be a Risk-Taker – Those with a growth mindset realize that taking a risk is just a natural part of growing as a person.

Action Item - Maybe now is the time for you step out and take a risk on something that’s been brewing for a while. Grab a journal and brainstorm a list of all the ideas that seem fun for you. Don’t try to organize the “how” yet. Just let your ideas come and jot them down.

3. Develop a Sense of Flexibility – It’s long been said the only constant is change. Approach each day with this understanding and be adaptable to the circumstances coming your way.

Action Item – In what areas of your life are you meeting resistance? Where does it feel like you’re trying to put a square peg in a round hole? How can you reframe this situation and look at it differently? What do you need to let go of so you can focus on other initiatives that matter more?

4. Be Creative – Those with a growth mindset are constantly learning, growing and innovating. Approach life as a natural explorer and look for the new opportunities that lie just below the surface. Be willing to create something that doesn’t exist.

Action Item – It’s likely consumer habits have changed due to the extended closures and the safer-at-home orders.  What does this mean for your business? How do you need to shift your offerings or your services to meet people where they are right now? Fitness is alive and well and people need this outlet for their physical and mental health. What service or new offering can you bring to the forefront to meet people where they are now?

5. Get Comfortable with Failure – Some may say if you haven’t failed then you haven’t tried hard enough. Those with an opportunity-focused mindset accept that setbacks are just a natural part of growth, and they use their “failures” as information about the world around them.

Action Item – What setbacks have you faced in regards to your business/career? What lesson(s) did you learn from these experiences? Try to separate yourself from the failure and use the information you learned to make decisions about the future.

6. Ask for Feedback – Sometimes it’s hard to see our own blind spots and discover areas where we need to improve or learn a new set of skills.

Action Item – Find a mentor, a coach, a colleague, a friend and ask for feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. Ask them to reflect back to you what they see in you as a person. Sometimes the answers are just below the surface and a trusted partner can help you discover something new about yourself.

Developing an opportunity-focused mindset is a lifelong endeavor and one that takes constant practice. Learn to approach each day with growth in mind and you will be 10 steps ahead. These last few months have been turbulent for nearly everyone, but it’s those with a strong growth mindset who will navigate these challenges and come out stronger than before.

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