Conquering Mountains

Today I was running (ok jogging at best) a particularly hilly 5k loop. Let’s just frame the day a little – on one had I was feeling super blessed that we have had several 70+ degree days here in NC in February and I have the flexibility to be outside, commune with nature, etc, etc. But as I got closer to the trail I started to dread the run – all the negative thoughts started creeping in – “oh it’s too hilly,” “actually, my hip flexor hurts, yeah it must be really injured, I shouldn’t run all these hills with a hurt hip flexor, etc. etc.” Being a huge fan of the power of the mind I started switching the narrative in my head – “think about how good you’ll feel when it’s over” “something is better than nothing so just do your best,” etc. etc.

So I take off running with Jessica (who btw is always just a little faster) so her pace pushes me to lactate threshold almost right away (not...

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