5 Ways to Love Your Life (& Business)

As a business owner it can feel like your work is never really done. Your business, your clients, your team is always on your mind - so much so that sometimes you forget to stop and take stock in all the other important aspects of your life and if you are even HAPPY. If you are anything like us you not only started our business because you were passionate about helping people, but also because you wanted to create a lifestyle for yourself and your family that allowed you to truly enjoy this one precious life you have to live.

So today we are pondering this question: how do we learn to embrace the journey of our lives (inside and outside of our business) and find gratitude and joy in the day to day? 

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Embrace Joy – Imagine this… you had a good day. Maybe something amazing happened or maybe your day was simply absent of thrills. Essentially the day went your way – you...

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