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Here is just a sampling of what we'll go over on your Business Strategy Call:

  • Lock down your Vision for getting the income, impact and freedom we believe you deserve.
  • Best practices to create a six or seven figure fitness or wellness business that makes you feel stable, confident and like the successful business owner we believe you are.  (Success won't happen overnight or be remotely easy, but it is achievable if you're strategic with your focus...)
  • Map out how to systemize your business so you can free up your time and start working smarter instead of harder.
  • Determine your clear strategy for long-term success and profitability in your wellness.
  • Reveal our exact business plan for how to create a 6 (or 7) figure wellness studio. 
  • Explore whether we are the right business coaches for you at this stage of your business. 

"Since taking your advice to change our signature offer we have received 4 times as many leads every month. I have also learned so much about my profit systems, and now my numbers make sense to me so I am not just making decisions aimlessly. I didn't think I could get away with cutting back training hours to make more time to grow my business. With Empower Partners Coaching's help I was able to free up six hours a week to work on my business. The consulting gives me direction and helps me prioritize what I need to do each month so I stay focused and don't get overwhelmed. You helped me systemize my business so it can run without me. I am able to stay home and be a mom part-time and have peace of mind because I have these systems in place. "

Tricia Arriagada
Personal Training Studio

"Ronda and Jessica really know their stuff, and it's so great to be able to learn from two mothers who have built such a successful business. The Wellness Studio Success Blueprint was really transformational. The lessons were extremely helpful, and having their tribe to bounce ideas off of provided such great support and motivation. I also received a tremendous amount of valuable input from my 1:1 sessions, which helped me go from zero to a robust email marketing campaign that is fully automated. I also tripled my coaching revenue!"

Rachel Rotabi
Functional Nutrition Coach

"Whether you are a new business owner, are in a transition with your business or have been at it for years, I highly recommend Ronda and Jess. Their positive and supportive approach helped me determine what was next for my business, create solid systems for longer-term success, set smart goals and take action toward achieving them."

Heather Alexander
Alexander Pilates

"As a sole proprietor it was pleasantly surprising how much of the team systems content was relevant to me. Thank you Ronda and Jessica -  your revolutionary approach to building a strong team culture strikes a chord with me. You are true leaders in your field."

Judy Raby
JAR Barre

"Thank you Ronda and Jessica for your guidance, direction and training regarding my team culture. I just rolled out our new team meeting format, and it was one of our better turnouts. I had lots of engagement, and this new format is a great starting point for shifting the culture of my team. I know that cultivating the team and having them more engaged and invested in the day-to-day will build steadier revenue and greater profitability. Because of the Wellness Studio Success Blueprint, I am SO SO close to having my dream business in a way I have not been before."

Heather Travis
Collective Wellness

"Jessica and Ronda are wonderful business coaches. They have been super supportive in helping me become a certified health coach and with their help and guidance I have been able to successfully run my first online coaching program. Jessica and Ronda are truly inspiring and absolutely believe in women helping other women become leaders. "

Iman Abdul-Salaam
Health Coach

"Jess and Ronda have provided me with great resources, tools and systems to help me bring my business concept to life. If you're a fitness business owner looking to advance your career I highly recommended coaching from these fabulous ladies. Their “2-heads are better than 1” approach will take you from where you are to where you want to go, and with Jess and Ronda by your side the sky is the limit."

Amanda Fontaine
Girl Power

These success stories are based on what our students share with us.  We haven't verified any financial data, but we trust their integrity and want to inspire you to become our next success story.


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There is no such thing as ‘get rich quick’. If you want to see any results in building your brand and business, then you must be willing to work hard. No one, including our trainings and advice, are going to do it for you. Our teachings and advice are intended to share industry best practices with you, and do not guarantee any financial or measurable results. This is because too many factors come into play when building a business… timing, luck, your Audience and of course, hard work! As United States law requires, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our teachings, strategies, templates, softwares, worksheets or any other advice or materials. Our job is to give you great content, in any easy to follow manner, that you can take action on. Any financial results or projections discussed by our company are not a guarantee that you will see similar results. They should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings. All numbers should be consider as teaching examples in order to inspire you as to possibilities when building your brand. If you’d like full details on all of our terms you can access them via the footer of this site.
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