Your Studio Re-Opening Checklist

We hope you are healthy and safe, and you are hanging in there as a business owner.  For us we are officially in week 10 of shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

 Some things have become routine – like creating our virtual classes and offering online personal training, but there is still a familiar rhythm lacking - and that is of going into the studio each and every day. 

Which brings us to the stress du jour – how and when do we re-open and when will it actually be safe to do so?

This one thought has been on our mind for weeks, and we still aren’t quite sure when we will be able to return to seeing clients in the studio. But we know that now is the time to start thinking, planning and communicating with both our team and our clients so we can all be on the same page when the time comes. 

As you know… everything is different now and businesses across the world are having to figure out a new way of doing things. And that is true for...

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