What is a Signature Offer?

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2019

Today we’re jumping back in to another marketing topic  - what is a signature offer and why must you have one? 

Before we even get started, you must remember the goal of marketing - to bring your ideal clients through your door and convert them to clients.

A signature offer is simply something of value or something intriguing that allows your prospective client to take action and book a session with you.

At this stage of the marketing game you must put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and think about what beliefs, objections, hurdles they must overcome before they get started.

Because we are in the wellness industry many times prospective clients are battling an internal dialogue that can be quite hard to break through. Things like.. “I have to get in shape before I call a professional,” “everyone there is already in shape, and I won’t fit in,” “I don’t want to get someone who is going to push me too hard,”…. And the list goes on.

Basically you must recognize and honor the stages of change because in essence prospects are at the beginning part of their behavior change spectrum. Deciding to get started with a wellness program is a big endeavor and one that we as practitioners must not take lightly.

Since the inception of our business Empower Personalized Fitness we have offered a FREE initial session as our signature offer. It is a gift of time where one of our trainers sits down, gets to know them and invests time to learn more about their fitness goals and make suggestions for how we can help. 

Many of the business owners that we have coached often have a lot of fear around offering something up for free or discounting their services initially. We completely understand their trepidation because you never want to devalue what you're offering.

However, you have to consider that with any marketing, there's always some kind of acquisition cost, whether it's that you're paying for an expensive print advertisement or putting money into costly brochures. Essentially you have to invest money in anything you do to bring in new prospects.
To better understand acquisition costs think of it like this - if you gave someone one dollar and they in turn gave you five dollars, how many times over would you give away that one dollar. Hundreds and thousands of times right?  

Our clients are the same way – when we invest in them, show them that we care and give them something with a high perceived value they are more likely to become a client and buy a package. Assuming that you have your pricing structure in check you will have already recouped your costs within the first month.

Taking it even a step further you must consider what is the lifetime value of a client? Because of the great interaction they had with you how many friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members will they refer to you?

When you think in these terms of acquisition costs and lifetime value a FREE session is really a no-brainer to bring new clients into the fold.

What is your signature offer, and how has it helped you bring new clients to your business? Share your favorite strategy in Wellness Studio Business Owners We’d love to chat.

Be Bold, Be Free, Live Empowered,


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