Work Less, Make Money and Enjoy Business Ownership

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2019

There we were white-knuckled on the highway trying to make it to daycare before they closed.  Yet another day where our kids were the last to get picked up – sometimes on-time, sometimes late… but most always last.

We’re referring to a time in our entrepreneurial journey when we were so overwhelmed and stressed from our day-to-day responsibilities, we had countless sleepless nights worrying about finances and exhaustion was our middle name.

Wait a second…

Isn’t business ownership supposed to mean…

We make our own hours…

We feel empowered working for ourselves…

We stay motivated and charging forward at all costs….

Unfortunately business ownership is anything but linear, and there’s a good chance that you may be (or recently have been) feeling the same way… stressed, overwhelmed and not sure if you will ever create the successful, profitable business you so desire.

Never fear… you can dig yourself out of the day-to-day struggle, make the money you deserve AND have some room for fun in your life.

Clarify Your Vision

The first thing is you have to be so super clear on your vision. You have to know why you're building a business, who you're doing it for, and why it matters. That clarity of vision must serve as your north star and drive every decision you make.

Systematize Your Business

The second thing you have to do is systematize your business. You absolutely must believe that systematization will save you so much stress and frustration and that when done correctly it will be your key to freedom, success, income, and impact in the world.

If you are harried, running all over the place, you absolutely must systematize your business in all aspects.

Once you have systems in your business you must consistently show up day in and day out and teach your team how to run your systems.

Essentially you must step into your leadership role, hire world-class team members, teach them the systems and then get out of their way.

Have Fun!

Finally you must bring elements of FUN and play into business ownership. Life is multidimensional, and we're not meant to work, work, work all the time.

As business owners we have to be intentional about creating FUN and finding activities, hobbies and outside interests that bring us joy. Sometimes it feels like things may fall apart back at the studio, but a relaxed and rejuvenated owner means everyone in the organization has a better experience.

How are you managing your stress and overwhelm and making business ownership FUN?

We’d love to hear your ideas!!

Be Bold, Be Free, Live Empowered,

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