How To Increase Profits So You Can Step Back From Your Business?

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2019

Sitting down to write this quick blog after a great midday workout.  Wow, it feels great to be able to do that  . . . prioritize our own health and get a great workout into the middle of our day so we don’t have to wake up extra early or stay late at the end of the day.

And trust us there were many days early on when we were so busy wearing all the hats in our business, training clients, managing our team, running around to different marketing events and doing so much more that we were lucky if we had anytime to dedicate to our own health and well being.  Now it is rare that we miss a workout.

So, how do we do it?

How are we able to step away from the day-to-day operations, get a midday workout in and also do the other things that are important to us . . .things like leave early for our kids extra-curricular activities, or stay home with them if they are sick, or have lunch with a friend, or take a whole day to work at home?

Well, simple as 1, 2, 3! (but remember simple doesn’t equal easy – so if you need more help through these steps let us know).

Here is how we were able to step away from the day-to-day operations of the business - without sacrificing profits.

Because that's really important, right? We want to be able to step away without then losing revenue or decreasing our profits.

Build Systems

The very first step is the most important things you can do, especially early on, and that is to systematize everything you do.

Systematize every single part of your business, from how the phone is answered, to how you project, budget, and track your finances, how you plan and execute your marketing, how you interact with your clients, and how you hire and manage your rock-star team.

All parts of your business need to have clearly defined systems so that everyone knows what to do and what to expect and you don’t have to be the sole person running everything. Again, this is one of the first steps to really freeing up your time.

Hire The Best

Systems are great, but if you are the only one running those systems – everything is still going to fall on your shoulders, so . . . the second step is to hire extraordinary, world-class team members.

This also is a process that you can systematize, but you are looking to find extraordinary team members that add tremendous value to your company. These people will help you carry your business forward, they will help your business grow, and they can take your vision and expand upon it and take it to the next level.

Once you have them on board you can easily teach them the systems you have developed.

Get Out Of The Way

And . . . the third step is sometimes the hardest, especially if you are a bit of a type-A perfectionist (like we are).

The last step is this: Get out of the way. 

You have hired a fantastic team and trained them to your systems now you need to trust them and let them soar! If you hire the right people they will not only just run your business well, they will help you grow.

Now, of course you're still going to have interest in your business and be there, but you will gain the flexibility and freedom you so desire.

Be Bold, Be Free, Live Empowered,

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