Healthy, Fit & Strong in Your 40s and Beyond

Do you want to feel healthy, fit and strong in your 40s and beyond?

Of course you do! We all desire to feel good in our bodies, be fit and strong and let our vivacious nature radiate from us! And often times we apply the age-old advice “exercise more, eat less” or we jump from latest craze to latest craze in hopes of finally finding the best exercise plan. Rather than feeling like our best selves we often end up feeling stressed, frustrated or stuck.

If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut or you're disappointed with your exercise routine . . .

Check out our 3 Exercise Tips for your 40s and Beyond

#1 – Incorporate Moderate Intensity Exercise – Gone are the back-to-back days of high intensity and long duration exercise. Research proves (and we have seen it in ourselves and our clients) that the “go hard or go home approach” can break us down and lead to burn out, aches and pain and even injuries. Try adding 1-2 days of lower impact exercises like walking, swimming, Pilates, yoga or playing tennis. 

#2 – Strength training is a must…and it’s never too late to add it to your regular routine. – It’s time to throw out the pink baby weights and find some heavier weights for more of a challenge. Don’t worry about bulking up! Instead focus on building lean muscle mass, ramping up your metabolism, burning more calories at rest and having the strength to lift, carry, and move confidently in your daily life. Try adding 1-3 days of strength training to your routine each week.

#3 – Make sure to build in adequate rest and restoration. – Stress is a huge factor in most of our lives and can contribute to weight gain – especially around the middle. When we take time to truly unplug, rest our bodies (and our minds) we are taking actions towards reducing stress in our lives. Try meditating, praying, sleeping, painting, journalizing, or restorative yoga as part of your overall exercise routine. 

We hope you enjoy shaking up your fitness plan.

How are you prioritizing your own fitness and wellness as a studio owner? We'd love to hear in the comments!

Until next time....

Be Bold, Be Free & Live Empowered,


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