Feeling Stuck? Get a Coach!

Are you feeling stuck in your in your business (or life) and not sure where to turn?
Oftentimes as women business owners, we have a lot of balls in the air and we feel overwhelmed and stressed out, or sometimes it feels like we're operating in a silo and we don't know where to turn.

We are fortunate in that we have been best friends for the last 25 years and business partners for the last 13 years. So, we have had each other’s back for ¼ of a century!
While this internal support system has been great, there have also been times in our business journey when we've had to turn to others for help – and we can honestly say we attribute a lot of our success to the coaches and mentors we have had along the way.

In fact, we’ve been so inspired by our mentors that it inspired us to start coaching other wellness entrepreneurs to create income, impact and freedom in their businesses and their lives. So if you’re wondering how a mentor can help you read on to learn 3 amazing benefits of working with a mentor.

  1. Coaches Listen and Reflect:
    Coaches are a great resource to bounce ideas off of and get real constructive feedback from. So many of us busy business owners or busy moms feel like we are on an island sometimes – surrounded by the white noise of too much work, or screaming kids and mounting home responsibilities – a noise that is so loud we cannot hear our inner voice. A mentor is there to give your voice a microphone and help you listen to your heart. They listen with an unbiased ear and can help you figure out the next best steps along your journey.
  2. Coaches Motivate and Hold You Accountable:
    Once you know what direction you are heading you have to drum up the mojo to get there. Coaches we have worked with have helped us map the course and motivated us get started, and then when we start to feel like we are lacking the drive to keep going, they help lift us back up, refocus us, reenergize us and ultimately hold us accountable to our business goals and personal life desires.
  3. Coaches Teach and Light Your Way:
    And then there is this - a good coach has simply traveled further down the same path than you have, and they have learned some valuable lessons along the way. With their guidance we can learn from their success, we can learn from their failures, and we can learn from their overall experience. That's definitely been the case for us. We have worked with different mentors throughout our professional careers and each one had a slightly different focus and life journey – we found the person who resonated with us most for the stage of business and life we were in – and it has made all the difference in our success.

As women who have been leading in life and in business for the last 20 years - we are excited to have had the opportunity to coach other wellness professionals who are ready to grow their businesses and create income, impact and freedom in their life.

If this is YOU . . . We'd love to have you join us. Make sure you’re in our Women Wellness Entrepreneurs Facebook Group!

Until next time....

Be Bold, Be Free, Live Empowered,

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