Creating a Business that CAN Run Without You

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2019

Question – do you work for your business.. or does your business work for you?

If you’re not completely sure then take a second to reflect on what would happen if you took a day, a week or a month away from your business? 

Is it self-sufficient enough to continue forward without so much oversight from you as the owner?

No worries if that little reflection evoked a major sense of anxiety…because as fellow founders/owners we have been there.

In some ways our businesses are like our babies and when we are just getting started it can be really hard to imagine it gaining its independence and being able to stand alone.

But the truth of the matter is if you ever desire some semblance of balance and time freedom in your life then you must set your business up for success from the very beginning.  

Take a look at these two contrasting business models.

The first is called the “Owner Does It All” and in this model the owner is responsible for all parts of the business – the day-to-day operations, managing the team, developing the marketing strategy, making the financial decisions…

AND still providing the service to the majority of clients.

And while this “hustle” is important when you are first getting started it is no way sustainable as your life evolves. 

What happens if you get sick, a family member gets sick, you get hurt, or your life changes in any way that prevents you from working? In the “Owner Does It All” model your business will most certainly collapse.

Now compare this to the “Successful, Profitable Business” model which by design is set-up to support you as the owner. After all you are the one that took the risk to get it all going and you deserve to have stability and predictability in your life.

In the “Successful, Profitable Business” model you make it your mission to create systems that can easily be implemented and automated, you hire a world-class team to run the systems, the systems create your business and the business then supports you as the owner.

This approach looks a lot different than the owner doing everything, and it will afford you greater stability, profitability and freedom over the long term.

Creating solid systems is the first step, and in order to create maximum impact and avoid costly mistakes you must go in the right order and build your systems with your end goal in mind.

Where are you on your business journey? Are you able to take a step back from your business and focus on other things?

If not, we’d love to help. Our specialty is helping wellness business owners systematize their businesses so they can create more freedom, income and impact out in the world…all without additional stress or overwhelm.

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