Self-Care, It’s About You & Not All About You

self care self love Dec 05, 2018

Taking Care of Yourself So You Can Live Your Best Life:

We know you have heard the phrase self-care a lot lately, maybe even multiple times today, and as wellness professionals it is something we probably talk to our clients about daily as well.  So let's take a minute to understand why it is such a buzz-worthy topic now.

Over the past few years the term “self-care” has been splashed across every media outlet there is, especially those targeting women, but prioritizing taking care of yourself before taking care of the rest of the world isn’t a new idea.  The concept of self-care has a long history that has ties to race, gender, class and ultimately privilege. We can thank American feminist, writer Audre Lorde for bringing to light the fact that self-care is crucial to the health of ALL women and communities. Her famous quote from her book of essays A Burst of Light, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare,” has become one of the most repeated lines on the topic.

So what exactly is SELF-CARE and why all the fan-fare?

Simply said self-care is a vital part of maintaining vitality and balance in your life, and as the word “self” indicates that will mean different things for different people. It is important to note that we believe self-care is so much more than simply pampering yourself. It is the act of developing behavioral habits that help you to feel truly grounded and peaceful, feel encouraged to grow as a person, and that help you refresh your zest for life. Discovering what unique behaviors serve you best takes some time, not to mention that they may change over time.

So self-care is a discovery process that leads you to love whom you are today and understand that you (and only you) have the power to choose who you become tomorrow. The ultimate goal of self-care is sustained wellness – and wellness can become a lifestyle (preaching to the choir here I know). It’s all about establishing daily practices that integrate your body, mind and spirit and lead to health, happiness and balance – physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, occupationally, and spiritually. 

As business owners we all have a million roles and responsibilities we perform every day – and most of them entail taking care of others – our families, our businesses, our homes our pets, those less fortunate . . . the list goes on and on. However, when we prioritize the needs of others over our own needs day in and day out, we deplete ourselves of energy and emotion. Over time we not only make ourselves unwell but we also have less to give to others.  We have all been there – exhausted and stressed out but still running around crazy trying to get everything done, trying not to let anyone down, trying to keep all the balls in the air. Until one day, we drop a ball, or we forget an important business meeting, or we get sick or IT . . .ALL . . . COMES . . . CRASHING . . .  DOWN.  This type of frantic frazzle serves no one and eventually something has to give.

Self-Care Enters Stage Right - and you get a good balance of connection to those who are most important and some alone time to tune into your inner thoughts and feelings, desires and dreams. You get a good balance of intellectual challenge and free-flowing thoughts. You get a good balance exercise and restful practices.  Aahhh . . .

Sounds great, right? 

Just imagine - feeling so balanced and strong that you are able to handle even the challenges that creep up with an open mind – seeking the opportunity that lies within. Imagine showing up to work or for your family or an event with friends feeling fully rested and excited about the day or event ahead.  And, not only do you feel great, but the most important people in your lives and vital roles you play as a business owner are getting the best from you. 

This is how self-care can transform our lives and see it’s not really only about you - but also about those we love and serve.

So . . .  Give yourself permission to put yourself first!

In order to keep up your inner resources, your strength, your energy, your motivation and your joy – you must nurture yourself.  And, this means making time to do so!  

If you know this is an area you need to work on stay tuned . . . Next week we will releasing our Self-Care Check-In Assessment and Action Plan.


We hope this inspired you to treat yourself well. If you want to be the first to know about our Self-Care Check-In Assessment and Action Plan, make sure to join the VIP insider group - The Bold, Adventurous Sisterhood.

Until next time....

Be Bold, Be Free, Lived Empowered,

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