6 Lessons We're Learning Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

We’re rounding the corner to week 5 since our studio shut down, and yes, we are officially over it. The roller coaster of emotions is almost too much to handle at times, but like you we keep persevering. We hope you are hanging in there, you are healthy, and staying safe and strong.  It’s ok if you’re not… these are hard times indeed.

Running a business through a global pandemic is not something we’re necessarily familiar with so each and every day we are learning something new about our business, our team, and ourselves as leaders.

Here are the top 6 lessons we are learning. There are many, but we’ll leave you with the top 6.


1) Health is everything – When the pandemic started we had a hard time distinguishing between the fear of shuttering our business and the fear of the virus itself. One thing this virus reminds us is that life is short, there are no guarantees and being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong are all vitally important to all of us.

As the days and weeks go by we are honored that we are in the business of health and wellness and that we are able to be the bright spot in someone’s day when we meet for a virtual training session or an on-demand workout.

We are also being challenged and we are deeply worried that Jessica’s daughter Emery has been sick with a fever for almost a week. We are praying, sending love and positive vibes that Emery is well soon, and that everyone you love is well too.  Health is EVERYthing.

2) Community matters – We can’t tell you how much we miss being in the studio – seeing the smiling faces of our clients and our team. More than just exercise happens in those 4 walls. Community happens – we share in each others’ joys, triumphs, challenges and everything in between. We know the Empower community is strong, and we are all #alonetogether in isolation, but we do miss the camaraderie of being in the studio.

We are also beyond grateful for this community of wellness studio owners. Each week we meet with a mastermind of studio owners from around the country, and it’s so comforting to work together and help each other through this challenging time. Community matters!

3) Leadership is an ONGOING skill – Ok, we already knew this, but let’s just say we’re reminded that leadership is not a something that you every truly master. People are different, circumstances are different and being able to stay poised and professional through it all is extremely hard. Managing a team and our clients virtually is a new skill set and one that we are learning on the fly. Some days we’ve wanted to just throw in the towel – especially when we receive push back on our ideas and the direction. BUT this is the job we signed up for – the job of LEADING a business and one we must continue to nurture and learn from each and every day.

4) Family time is the best time – With the shelter-in-place orders and stay at home directives we have all spent a ton of time with our nuclear families. Yes, there are challenges as we do get on each others’ nerves from time to time, but the slower pace reminds us that all we really need is right around us. Being bored together, getting creative, sharing more meal times together, less rushing around and hustling to the next activity – these are all lessons we hope to carry with us when the pandemic is over. 

5) Patience over panic – Who are we kidding? Truthfully we are over it – we’ve exercised our patience and we are ready to be done… Doesn’t sound very patient right? Well you’re correct in your assessment. When we start to feel that uncertainty about the future boiling up inside it can easily turn to panic. And that’s why this blog is titled “what we’re learning” instead of what we’ve learned. It is hard to be still and patient and not panic, but we are trying to lean into the challenges of this time. One thing we know is that we are all in this together, and we will persevere through this challenging time.

6) Consistency is key – Inside our Wellness Studio Success Blueprint we are constantly emphasizing the importance of having clarity and being consistent in pursuit of your dreams. And we realize that having clarity in the face of uncertainty is extremely challenging. Each day we are focusing on just taking the next best step with the information we have at that time. Businesses are built (and survive) on just showing up and taking daily consistent action. That mindset has brought us this far, and it will carry us through this storm too.

So there you have it – our top 6 lessons learned during this time. Like we said, the lessons are a plenty and each day we learn something new.

What has the Covid-19 pandemic taught you about business ownership, leadership or yourself? We’d love to hear in the comments. 

Until next time…

Stay strong, healthy and safe!

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